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3V Dental is Proud to Offer Nitrous Oxide and Sedation Dentistry

About Sedation Dentistry

Now, this isn’t really a service in itself, it’s used to make other treatment more comfortable when visiting our local Port Washington dental office. This is the famous dental anesthetic. It’s safe, has proven effective over a long period of time, and is pleasant. You will be given a mask that allows you to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. In about 30 seconds to 4 minutes you will notice a more sedate feeling, and your cheek and gums may go numb. After this any needed local anesthetic is applied and treatment begins. Afterwards, you will be given pure oxygen to breathe for about five minutes to dissipate the effects of the nitrous and return you to a normal state.

According to the ADA, For some dental visits, your dentist may use a sedative, which can induce moderate sedation. Sedatives can be administered before or during dental procedures. Sedation methods include inhalation (using nitrous oxide), oral (by taking a pill) and intravenous (by injection). More complex treatments may require drugs that can induce deep sedation, reducing consciousness in order to relieve both pain and anxiety. On occasion, general anesthesia can be used, in which drugs cause a temporary loss of consciousness.

Your smile is one of the first features people notice when they meet you. If there’s anything about your smile or your overall dental health that could use improvement, or if you’re in need of regular dental care that’s essential to your overall health, it’s important to find a dental professional you can trust. At our dental office, we’d be honored to help you achieve your goal of having healthy teeth and a confident smile.

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Sedation Dentistry at 3V Dental in Port Washington

At 3V Dental Associates, we’ve built a reputation for innovation and industry expertise in dentistry. We’re known for providing patients with comprehensive, gentle care in a state-of-the art environment. One of our specialties is sedation dentistry, utilizing nitrous oxide, otherwise known as “laughing gas”. When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people simply avoid getting the treatment they need and deserve due to anxiety about experiencing pain during a dental visit. Thankfully, with the recent advent of sedation dentistry options, you can finally have your dental needs met without having to worry about any experiencing discomfort in the process. Instead, you’ll enjoy relaxing rest and wake up with your dental work completed.

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A Painless and Anxiety Free Dentist Visit on Main St. in Port Washington

Aside from sedation dentistry, we offer a variety of different dental services from general dentistry, to emergency dental care, to cosmetic dentistry. Whether you simply need a routine checkup and cleaning, you’re interested in improving your smile, or you are experiencing an urgent dental problem, we can provide you with the professional, friendly service and care you deserve. We’d be happy to discuss your dental needs and our available options with you. Visitors to our office can expect to receive:

  • Prompt service
  • Reasonable rates
  • Exceptional care

We’d be honored to help you enhance your smile and your lifestyle. To find out more about our cutting-edge dental services or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.
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What You Can Expect at 3V Dental

A caring, anxiety-free environment.

Relax, you're in good hands

You deserve the best dental care

on Long Island

If you’re looking for sedation dentistry, you’ve come to the right place.


You're in good hands

Experience anxiety-free dental care with sedation dentistry. Our safe and effective sedation options ensure relaxation and comfort during procedures, catering to patients with dental phobia or anxiety.

Anxiety Relief

Overcome dental fear with sedation dentistry, providing a relaxed and stress-free experience for even the most anxious patients, ensuring comfortable dental visits.

Pain Management

Enhance comfort during procedures with sedation, minimizing discomfort and pain sensations, allowing for smoother treatments and quicker recovery times.

Enhanced Experience

Enjoy a calming atmosphere and personalized care with sedation dentistry, ensuring a positive dental experience and promoting optimal oral health outcomes.


Your dentist at 3V Dental will make recommendations regarding the timing of dental
cleanings. At a minimum, you optimize your oral health by having dental cleanings at least twice a year. As was noted a moment ago, if you have special needs, you may want to schedule more frequent cleanings during the course of a year.

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Dental cleanings are a vital part of your overall oral health regimen. There are a variety of key benefits that you obtain through regular, professional dental cleanings. At 3V Dental in Port Washington, we’re proud to offer cost effective dental cleanings for you and your family!

3V Dental Offers Complete Dental Care and Cleanings

The complete dental cleaning and checkup process includes a number different things, depending in part on how long it has been since you last had an appointment with your dentist. In addition to the actual cleaning process, your dentist will also conduct a physical examination of your teeth and gums.

X-rays may be recommended if a year or more has lapsed between your visit to the dentist. Your dentist will examine your mouth for any sign of oral cancer. Finally, your dentist will examine your bite to ensure that there are no issues.

Once these steps are completed, your dentist or a dental hygienist will do the actual teeth cleaning. Dental cleaning is designed to plaque and tartar from your teeth. The reality is that even if you follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding brushing your teeth and flossing, plaque and tartar can build up in places that you just cannot effectively reach through brushing and flossing.

Reversing Gingivitis with Dental Cleanings
One of the key benefits of dental cleanings if that they can reverse gingivitis in many cases. Gingivitis is the first stage of serious gum disease that can result in permanent damage.

In some cases, you may need more than one dental cleaning to get gingivitis under control and to move towards eliminating it. Into the future, to prevent a recurrence of gingivitis, you may need to up the frequency of your visit to the dentist.

Proper intervention through dental cleanings prevents gingivitis from developing into more advanced periodontitis. Periodontitis is very serious and can result in permanent, irreversible gum damage.

Dental Cleanings Prevent Larger More Serious Issues
Dental cleanings provide the most important time at which a dentist is able to identify other problems that may afflict a patient. For example, it is during the comprehensive dental cleaning process that a dentist can identify cavities.

It is crucial that a cavity be dealt with in a timely manner. The failure to do so can result in it growing and causing bacterial infection to develop in the pulp of a tooth. Such a development can cause significant damage to a person’s tooth structure and be extremely painful.

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