Can I Get Braces As An Adult?

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Many people wonder whether they can get braces as an adult. The answer to that question is yes. Contrary to popular belief, you are never too old to get braces. Even though most people get braces in their pre-teen and teenage years, the number of adults getting braces is growing. It is estimated that only 35 percent of adults do not have a bite issue.

According to the American Dental Association, there are over four million people in America who have braces. Twenty-five percent of these people are over the age of 18. If you are not happy with your smile, then it is a good idea to ask your dentist if braces are right for you.

One of the reasons that braces are often recommended for pre-teens and teens is because their jaw is still developing and growing. However, teeth also have a tendency to shift as you get older. That is why you may find yourself needing braces even if your teeth were straight in your teens.

Regardless of whether you are 16 or 60, you can benefit from getting braces.

Common Myths About Braces

It is important to dispel the common myths that people have about getting braces as an adult.

Myth: You Need to Get Treatment for Years

Fact: There are several factors that affect your treatment time. This includes the problem that you are getting treated and your individual needs will determine how long you will need treatment. However, many people are able to get their treatment completed in just three months.

Myth: I Have to Wear Metal Braces

Fact: Metal braces are still an option. However, our office offers Invisalign. The Invisalign can straighten your teeth just like regular metal braces can. However, Invisalign is more comfortable for you to wear, and it can be removed. They can also be used to correct a variety of issues including bad bites and crooked teeth.

Myth: It Is Inconvenient for You to Get Braces

Fact: Our dentist’s office makes it convenient for you to get the treatment that you need. We have diagnostic equipment that will make it easier for us to customize a treatment plan. We also have technology that allows you to get the treatment that you need with fewer trips to the office.

The Benefits of Getting Braces As An Adult


Braces can greatly improve your smile. A nice smile will improve your overall appearance. You can confidently smile.

Prevent Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

The benefits of braces are not primarily cosmetic. If your teeth are straight, then they will be a lot easier for you to clean. This can protect you from gum disease and tooth decay.

Correct Speech Issues

Speech issues are common for people who have braces. If you have braces, then you can correct the speech issues. It will be a lot easier for you to enunciate words.

Reduce the Risk of Tooth Trauma

Bite issues and misaligned teeth can lead to an injury. If your teeth are in their proper position, then they will be less likely to get injured.

Improve Health

Braces can greatly improve your health. For example, if your teeth are lined up properly, then it will be easier for your body to digest food. Chewing is the first part of digestion. Straight teeth have an easier time grinding up food.

Shifting teeth can put a strain on your jaw bone. Bacteria is also more likely to build up in your jaw bone if you cannot clean your teeth properly. This can lead to bone loss. Getting braces can greatly improve your bone health.

Interested in braces but looking for a more modern solution? 3V Dental Associates is proud to offer Invisalign. Invisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you by our dental team located right here in Port Washington.

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Can I Get Braces As An Adult?

improve your smile with invisalign
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