Waterlase Laser Dentistry

waterlase laser dentistry port washington long island

Waterlase: Laser Dentistry For The 21st-Century in Port Washington, Long Island!

In today’s world of dentistry, technological advances are making almost anything possible. For those of you who have always dreaded going to the dentist for fear of having the menacing drill used on a cavity, those days are now numbered. Thanks to the use of laser technology, Waterlase is becoming a much more common and preferred method of working on dental patients in our local Port Washington and Long Island area. But laser dentistry is nothing new to this local dentist. In fact, we have offered laser tooth detection for years! Sounding like something from a science-fiction novel, laser dentistry offers a number of advantages over traditional dentistry methods of the past. If your curiosity is now peaked and you want to learn more, here are some fascinating facts about Waterlase.

What is Waterlase?

The Waterlase method, which combines the immense power of laser energy with water spray, is considered to be extremely safe for most patients, and is a much more gentle alternative to traditional drilling. Since teeth are composed partially of water, your dentist can use the laser to make contact with your teeth. When this occurs, the laser activates the water molecules in your teeth, allowing it to cut through. By continuously spraying out water during the process, this limits the amount of heat produced during the procedure, resulting in a dental visit that is basically pain-free.

Why Laser Dentistry at 3V Dental?

If you are wondering why this type of dentistry is gaining in popularity with more and more people each day, there are numerous reasons for its continued expansion and use by dentists everywhere. As previously stated, Waterlase results in a dental visit that is almost entirely pain-free. In fact, for most routine dental procedures, little if any anesthetic is needed, meaning you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a needle or having a puffy face once you’re finished. In addition, it is far more convenient for people who lead busy lives. By relying on Waterlase, your 3V Dental dentist can often complete your treatments in a single visit, meaning you won’t have to schedule additional appointments or spend valuable time having multiple visits with dental specialists.

Waterlase Procedures at Our Dental Clinic in Port Washington, Long Island

Since this technology is considered to be very revolutionary, it has been able to be adapted to a variety of dental procedures. Designed to be used primarily for working on cavities and for soft tissue surgeries, your dentist can use it for many different dental procedures. Some of the most common include crown and veneer removal, dental implants, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, tooth whitening, and even pain therapy. Whether it is sculpting a gum line to give a patient a much more appealing smile, ridding a patient of gum disease, or using it for the removal of wisdom teeth, your dentist can use Waterlase on almost any type of procedure for which you may need.

Is Laser Dentistry Better?

Offering its patients less pain, fewer shots, and a faster recovery time after most procedures, it is likely your dentist would agree with you that laser dentistry is much better in many ways than traditional dental techniques of years past. In fact, one of its biggest advantages is the level of safety and precision it provides. For example, when a dentist uses a traditional drill when working on a tooth, the drill can sometimes produce microscopic cracks. When this occurs, this opens the door to the possibility of infections setting in underneath the filling. But when using a laser, this cracking does not take place. In addition, since the Waterlase technique does not require direct contact with the tooth, it greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients.

Winning Over Kids

As you know, getting kids to establish good oral hygiene habits at an early age is critical to helping them avoid many problems later on. With pediatric dentistry moving more and more in the direction of using a laser rather than a drill and needle, it is becoming much easier to win over kids regarding the importance of regular dental visits.

Expected to become an even more vital part of dentistry in the years ahead, Waterlase eliminates many excuses people have given for not visiting their dentist. If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist due to fear of the drill, needle, and pain that always follows, talk to your dental professional about this innovative technique today.


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Waterlase Laser Dentistry

waterlase laser dentistry port washington long island
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